What’s Roasting

Below are the current whole bean, single-origin coffees available from Chandler Coffee, including a description. Please note that coffee is not pre-ground. Purchases can be made through the links below. Shipping is domestic only and pick-up is only available in Colorado Springs.

Panama La Esmeralda Gesha

Region | Palmira, Chiriqui

Process | Washed

Varietal | Gesha

Altitude | 1400m – 1600m

Roast Level | City 

Tasting Notes | Floral jasmine, simple syrup sugar, lemon, mandarin, and ginger powder. Floral and bubblegum aroma.

12 oz bag (shipped) $29

12 oz bag (pick-up) $24

Ethiopia Guji Zone SWP Decaf

Region | Guji Zone

Process | Swiss Water Process Decaf

Varietal | Heirloom 

Altitude | 1850m – 2000m

Roast Level | City+ 

Tasting Notes | Balanced sweet coffee character and doughy/baked goods. Berry top notes and a floral aroma.

12 oz bag (shipped) $19

12 oz bag (pick-up) $14