In large medieval homes, a chandler was responsible for turning on the lights. Each day he would make a fresh batch of candles and place them out so that the house would have light. While we still appreciate the aesthetics and aromas of candles today, most of us do not need them to function when the sun is not up. However, we may still wake up and stumble in the dark to turn on the lights.

The light we are looking for doesn’t come from candles and not even from electricity. It comes from that first cup of coffee. Many would suggest that a cup of coffee is a necessity for them to function each day. The sad thing is that most coffee drinkers have unnecessarily conditioned themselves to believe that coffee should taste like licking an ash tray. Still there are others who have come to the realization that they can actually enjoy the flavors coffee when experienced in proper form. As the knowledge of the true flavors of coffee has spread, so has the demand for freshly roasted and prepared coffee.

Chandler Coffee is committed to providing fresh, small batch, single-origin roasts from some of the best coffee sources in the world – delivered to your home for your enjoyment.

Excellent coffee for excellent people.